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Silver Fountain Moka for one cup

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Moka pot for one cup
Made in Italy
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Moka pot for one cup

It works on a gas stove / electric stove

It doesn't work on induction! for induction have a look at the other moka pots in our online shop! 


How to make a good coffee with a moka pot

1) Choose a good blend (if you are here you are well under way!) . The blend should be ground for the moka pot ( do not use the one called “espresso” because that is for the espresso machine!)

2) Fill the base chamber up to the valve with cold water 

3) Fill the filter with ground coffee and do not pack it down / do not press the powder!

4) Place the moka pot on the stove and keep the heat low (otherwise your coffee will come out too fast and it will taste bitter!)

5) When the coffee starts to gurgle, remove it from the heat before it starts to bubble!

6) Enjoy your coffee with or without sugar at your will, alone or in good company, with or without milk!


Rinse the moka pot with water only do not use soap and do not put it in the dishwasher!


  • Weight 350.00 G
  • Length 7.00 CM
  • Width 11.00
  • Height 15.00

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