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Since 1998 we have been traveling around South America looking for the best coffee. It was during one of those trips that we discovered Coopfam, a beautiful reality in Minas Gerais. 

Coopfam is one of the fair trade cooperatives, born from the idea that a change of mentality could change the reality and that it could be easier to work better in a better environment. It works to improve quality not only for the product but also for the production, and the lives of hundreds of families that are involved in the coffee business

Since 2008 we have been donating a portion of our sales to the cooperative, in order to spread fair trade. The quality of the raw material is crucial to us, that’s why our blend consists for the main part of fair trade coffee, FLO certified .

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Barattolo di caffè macinato per moka 250g. sottovuoto Bicchierino Giallo Sant'Eustachio Caffettiera moka per una…

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Capsule Compatibili 25pz


Capsule compatibili per macchine Nespresso

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Ground for moka 250g.

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Ground for the moka pot 250g vacuum

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Decaffeinated Coffee Tin

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Decaffeinated with a natural process, without chemicals

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